This Quick Tour or QT for short, was created for the AMA Employee Portal (originally HRIS On-line project) to provide new employees with the basic knowledge needed in the day-to-day operations at -

New employees are expected to understand everything that this Quick Tour contains.

Since this Quick Tour is just a gist of all that a new employee needs to know, the new employee is still expected to attend the more formal orientation seminar to be scheduled and conducted by HRD / Training.


The AMA Group of Companies is a globally recognized Filipino-owned enterprise providing excellent products and services to its clients.

Through its affiliates and subsidiary companies, the Group is engaged in diverse types of businesses and services.

Its chairman and founder is Dr.  Amable R. Aguiluz V or Sir ARA as he is known corporate-wide.

To know more about the company, a new employee may visit its main education website at http://www.amaes.edu.ph.


The AMA Corporate Office is located at the AMA Building 2, No. 59 Panay Avenue, Quezon City.

It houses the Executive offices and all Corporate Support Groups.


The official work hours of our Office is:
Mondays to Fridays 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturdays 8:00AM – 12:00nn
Officers are requested to stay up to 6:00 PM

The break times are as follows
Morning break 10:00 - 10:20 AM
Lunch break 12:00 - 1:00 PM
Afternoon break 3:00 - 3:20 PM
Fines are imposed for over breaks!

A flag raising ceremony is held every Monday at 8:00AM
A flag retreat is held every Friday at 5:00pm.
Employees are expected to memorize the AMA Hymn and attend the said activities

Rank and file employees are required to clock-in / out during the lunch break
Employees who exceed the above break time schedules will be subjected to disciplinary action
All employees are expected to use the ACTATek / RACS (Remote Attendance Collection System). Should something happen to the RACS, a logbook is provided at the HR office where the employee must record his/her attendance and the reason for not using the RACS. Time transactions for those using the RACS can be viewed online through the myHROnline portal
Tardiness must be avoided. The company maintains a policy of not giving promotions to employees who incur tardiness.

Official Business (OB) must be filed with respect to prevailing policies using the Online OB facility if myHROnline. Filing of OB is one day before the actual date of OB.
No direct official businesses are allowed.  Direct OBs are considered absences.
Travel outside of your area / province must be covered by Travel Orders (TO).  Filing of TO can also be done online via the myHROnline portal.
Vacation Leaves (VL) must be filed two days before the leave while Sick Leaves (SL) must be filed at most one day upon return to work.  Filing of leaves can also be done online via the myHROnline portal.
All timekeeping related documents should be submitted only between
8-9AM and 1-2PM.
Payroll cut-off schedules are posted in the HRD timekeeping section as well as on this site

All employees must wear an ID card within two (2) days upon hiring.
A temporary ID can be issued but the employee must provide a picture on the first working day.
Make sure that your correct 8-digit employee number is indicated on your card.  Wrong Employee Numbers may cause your attendance to be voided.
After the grace period, the NO-ID NO ENTRY policy will be applied
Lost IDs can be replaced through proper requests.  Online forms for such are available in the myHRO portal.

Proper attire must also be observed or a NO UNIFORM NO ENTRY policy will be applied. It is the responsibility of every new employee to secure a uniform within one month from the date of hiring.  Uniforms can be requested from the myHROnline portal.
While waiting for the uniform, the following dress code should be observed
Long or short sleeves barong / polo
Officers must wear a necktie
Haircut must not exceed the earline, no ponytails and no earrings allowed
Dress (no mini-skirts), blouse with sleeves, formal or tailored slacks
Closed front leather shoes with at least one inch heel
Schedule of wearing uniform is Monday to Thursday. Friday are considered washdays.
[Click here for more information on uniforms]

Only the first salary may be paid thru checks.
All other succeeding salaries should be through ATM so the employee must get the ATM card on time. Coordinate with the HR and Accounting for this
Pay-outs are done 15-30/31.
Salaries and payslips are made viewable online via the myHROnline portal.  Make sure that your correct bank account number is reflected in your e-201

All employees who resign must follow the 30-day notice rule. 
The last pay-out of a resigning employee is automatically put on hold and included in the final computation.
Make sure that you follow the proper clearance and turn-over procedures.

  - No smoking is allowed within the premises  
  - No loitering on areas where you are not supposed to go.  
  - No long distance calls are allowed. Violators are fined Php 1000 per call  
  - Nepotism of up to the sixth degree is not allowed  
  - Unauthorized selling and / or operation of "paluwagan" systems are not allowed  
  - No signing-in/out of other people's ID cards  
  - No extension of breaktimes  
  - Cellphones are not allowed within the premises  

  with HR Recruitment Section with HR Compensation Section
  • Submit all pre-employment requirements
  • Log-in at the HRD logbook. This is needed for attendance
  • Sign the employment contract
  • Secure AMAES e-mail from IT Department
  • Tour the facility
  • Fill-out an ATM form
  • Sign an orientation agreement at the end of the day
  • Submit the account number to Payroll Accounting
  with HR Benefits Section with HR Benefits Section (cont)
  • Get an ID Card
  • Submit your TIN and Tax Exemption
  • Secure your Uniform
  • Submit your Pag-Ibig, SS and Philhealth Nos.
  • Tour the facility
  • Fill-out an ATM form
  • Sign an orientation agreement at the end of the day
  • Submit the account number to Payroll Accounting